The following list includes former U.S. Ambassadors who are featured on American Ambassadors Live. Ambassadors with an asterisk (*) are available to be interviewed. You may request those without an asterisk, but the response may be slow. For a full list of the Council of American Ambassadors' members, visit

Madeleine Albright.png

64th Secretary of State

United Nations, 1993-1997

Donald T. Bliss.png

International Civil Aviation Organization, 2006-2009

Curtis Chin.png

Asian Development Bank, 2007-2010

William Eacho.png

Austria, 2009-2013

Edward M. Gabriel.png

Morocco, 1997-2001

Thomas Graham Jr.png

Arms Control, Nonproliferation & Disarmament, 1994-1997

C. Donald Johnson.png

Office of the US Trade Representative, 1998-2000

J. William Middendorf.png

Netherlands, 1969-1973

Robert Orr.png

Asian Development Bank, 2010-2016

Jim Rosapepe.png

Asian Development Bank, 2010-2016


United Nations, 1979-1981

UN European Office, 1977-1979

Colleen Bell.png

Hungary, 2015-2017

Nancy Brinker.png

Chief of Protocol, 2007-2009

Hungary, 2001-2003

Suzan Johnson Cook.png

International Religious Freedom, 2011-2013

Stuart Eizenstat.png

European Union, 1993-1996

Antonio Garza.png

Hungary, 2006-2009

Richard Holwill.png

Ecuador, 1988-1989

Thomas Loftus.png

Norway, 1993-1997


Republic of Azerbaijan, 2012-2014

European Union, 1999-2001

John Price.png

Mauritius, 2002-2005

Donald Rumsfeld.png

13th & 21st Secretary of Defense

NATO, 1973-1974

Donald Blinken.png

Hungary, 1994-1998

Mark Brzezinski.png

Sweden, 2011-2015

Ryan Crocker.png

Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon

April Foley.png

Hungary, 2006-2009

Michelle Gavin.png

Botswana, 2011-2014

G. Philip Hughes.png

Barbados and Eastern Caribbean, 1990-1993

John Maisto.png

OAS, 2003-2007; Venezuela, 1997-2000; Nicaragua, 1993-1996

Jim Nicholson.png

Holy See, 2001-2005

Bill Richardson.png

United Nations, 1997-1998

Thomas Stephenson.png

Portugal, 2007-2010

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