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The following list includes former U.S. Ambassadors who are featured on American Ambassadors Live. Many ambassadors are available to be interviewed. You may request an interview by emailing the Communications Director, Grayce McAllister, at For a full list of the Council of American Ambassadors' members, visit

Madeleine Albright.png

64th Secretary of State

United Nations, 1993-1997

Donald T. Bliss.png

International Civil Aviation Organization, 2006-2009

Curtis Chin.png

Asian Development Bank, 2007-2010

Stuart Eizenstat.png

European Union, 1993-1996

Antonio Garza.png

Hungary, 2006-2009

G. Philip Hughes.png

Barbados and Eastern Caribbean, 1990-1993

J. William Middendorf.png

Netherlands, 1969-1973

John Price.png

Mauritius, 2002-2005

Thomas Stephenson.png

Portugal, 2007-2010

Colleen Bell.png

Hungary, 2015-2017

Nancy Brinker.png

Chief of Protocol, 2007-2009

Hungary, 2001-2003

Ryan Crocker.png

Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait, Lebanon

April Foley.png

Hungary, 2006-2009

Thomas Graham Jr.png

Arms Control, Nonproliferation & Disarmament, 1994-1997

C. Donald Johnson.png

Office of the US Trade Representative, 1998-2000


Republic of Azerbaijan, 2012-2014

European Union, 1999-2001

Bill Richardson.png

United Nations, 1997-1998

Donald Blinken.png

Hungary, 1994-1998

Mark Brzezinski.png

Sweden, 2011-2015

William Eacho.png

Austria, 2009-2013

Edward M. Gabriel.png

Morocco, 1997-2001

Richard Holwill.png

Ecuador, 1988-1989

John Maisto.png

OAS, 2003-2007; Venezuela, 1997-2000; Nicaragua, 1993-1996

Jim Nicholson.png

Holy See, 2001-2005

Jim Rosapepe.png

Romania (1998 - 2001)

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