April H. Foley

Hungary, 2006-2009

April H. Foley served as the United States Ambassador to Hungary from 2006-2009.

Prior to serving as US Ambassador to Hungary, she worked at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. After first serving as a Director of the Bank, she was appointed to be First Vice President and Vice Chairman in 2003. Ambassador Foley drove the creation of the Trade Bank of Iraq, securing a $2 billion short-term credit facility. She was one of six Americans on the American-Iraqi Joint Economic Council, which laid plans for strengthening the economic performance of Iraq. Ambassador Foley worked with the Minister of Finance of Afghanistan to create a development strategy that laid the groundwork for foreign direct investment. As a Director, she chaired the Audit Committee and implemented Sarbanes-Oxley processes for the first time, bringing much needed transparency and accountability to the Bank. Full bio

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