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Safety first in Asia's busy skies

The deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash this weekend is a painful echo of last October's Lion Air disaster in Indonesia, in which all 189 people were killed.

Both accidents involved the new model Boeing 737 Max airliner and both occurred soon after takeoff.

It is for investigators to probe the causes and, if appropriate, to make comparisons between the two crashes. The fact that the same model was involved highlights the global nature of the industry and of such inquiries.

However, the two accidents are also a reminder that air safety is a pressing concern at many levels, including the regional. This is particularly true in Asia, the world's largest and fastest-growing air travel market...

from Nikkei Asian Review - read full text


Curtis S. Chin served as U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He currently serves at the Milken Institute as Asia fellow and is a managing director at the advisory firm RiverPeak Group LLC.


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