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Every city has the potential to be a smart city

The experience of Singapore – arguably the most successful city-state of modern times – holds many lessons for the Middle East, North Africa and other territories seeking to build bigger and better urban spaces. Most important of all is the idea that newer does not always mean better.

Governments and urban developers across the Indo-Pacific region are planning for the “smart cities” of tomorrow. Yet, public, private and not-for-profit leaders should not lose sight of changes that can be made in the cities of today to make them more liveable and sustainable.

That is evident in ever-evolving, modern Singapore – a nation one sixth the size of Dubai, which is home to six million people and the Asia Centre of the Milken Institute – a non-partisan, economic think tank, that is holding its second Middle East and North Africa Summit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday...

from The Nation


Curtis S. Chin served as U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He currently serves at the Milken Institute as Asia fellow and is a managing director at the advisory firm RiverPeak Group LLC

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