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Be it Singapore or Wakanda, the World's Best Cities Embrace and Build on Their Past

By many measures, Singapore is a showcase of what future cities can be, and the city state’s dazzling skyline and infrastructure were well on display during the recent summit of United States and North Korean leaders.

Yet, even in Singapore as well as across Asia, there could well be a lesson to be taken to heart from a Hollywood film that has taken Asia by storm.

Black Panther, Marvel’s blockbuster 2018 entry in its cinematic universe, has grossed more than US$1.3 billion (S$1.76 billion) since its release, including more than US$105 million in China, and some US$50 million in South-east Asia. Those box office numbers make Black Panther the highest ever grossing film based on a single superhero.

But more than setting a new standard for comic-book inspired projects, the film, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has caught the attention of urbanists in its presentation of city life...

Co-authored by Curtis S. Chin and Jose B. Collazo

from Today Online


Curtis S. Chin served as U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He currently serves at the Milken Institute as Asia fellow and is a managing director at the advisory firm RiverPeak Group LLC.

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