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Swanee Hunt


Austria, 1993-1997

Swanee Hunt, former Director of the Women and Public Policy Program, is currently the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. An internationally recognized expert on foreign affairs and diplomacy, Ambassador Hunt is heralded for her trailblazing work to increase the participation and inclusion of women in peace processes around the world. She is also Founder and Chair of Hunt Alternatives Fund, a private foundation committed to advancing social change at local, national and global levels. From 1993-1997, Ambassador Hunt served as Ambassador to Austria. During her tenure, she hosted negotiations and several international symposia to focus efforts on securing the peace in the neighboring Balkan states. Ambassador Hunt’s work in Europe inspired the creation of The Initiative for Inclusive Security (formerly known as Women Waging Peace), an initiative she incubated at the Kennedy School, which advocates for the full participation of all stakeholders, especially women in formal and informal peace processes. Ambassador Hunt teaches “Inclusive Security” at the Kennedy School, exploring why women are systematically excluded from peace processes and the policy steps needed to rectify the problem. Full bio

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