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The Unbreakable Alliance: A Roundtable with Ambassador Arthur Culvahouse

The Unbreakable Alliance

Ambassador Culvahouse has a long career in service to the nation, including as Counsel to President Ronald Reagan. During his time as Ambassador to Australia, Ambassador Culvahouse strengthened the crucial U.S.-Australian alliance, maintaining a relationship key to the balance of power in the Pacific. Spotlighting concerns over China's growing influence in the area, he also reinforced the joint U.S.-Australian commitment to democracy and freedom in the region. In this Roundtable, Ambassador Culvahouse discusses these experiences and how the U.S.-Australian relationship will develop going forward.

Recording Index

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Ambassador Culvahouse's Remarks

China's Activities in the Region

On Secretary Blinken's Meeting with China

The State of the Quad

Austalia's Defense Ties

Australia's Relationship with Taiwan

Fires, Floods, and Australia's Views on Climate Change

Australia's Recommendations for Dealing with North Korea

Controversies Around Social Media

Concluding Thoughts on Ambassador Culvahouse's Tenure

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