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The Evolution of the U.S.-India Relationship: A Roundtable with Ambassador Kenneth Juster

The Evolution of the U.S.-India Relationship

Ambassador Juster served more than three years as the 25th U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of India, the third largest U.S. Mission in the world. During his tenure, he tackled a broad range of issues including matters of defense, education, and space in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this Roundtable, Ambassador Juster shared his perspective on the U.S.-India trade relationship, India's energy and health sectors, and more from his time at post.

Recording Index

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Juster Remarks

India and CAATSA Sanctions

The Impact of Prime Minister Modi

An Understanding of Modi's Politics

India and the PRC

India's Population and Economy in Comparison with China

Terrorism on India's Border

Digital Currencies and Financial Technology

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