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Lost and Found in Spain with Susan Solomont

Susan Solomont, author of Lost and Found in Spain: Tales of an Ambassador's Wife, joined podcast host Sheilah Kast to discuss her new book and experiences in Spain with her husband and Obama appointee to Spain, Ambassador Alan Solomont. Susan left her career for a three-and-a-half year tour in Madrid and discovered her own voice and unique role at the embassy empowering professional business women in Spain.


Susan Solomont recently authored Lost and Found in Spain: Tale's of an Ambassador's Wife. Her book covers her experiences as wife to Ambassador Alan Solomont during his appointment to Spain.

Sheilah Kast is an award-winning journalist and hosts WYPR's On The Record on NPR. She also experienced life abroad as an ambassador's spouse when her husband, Ambassador Jim Rosapepe, was appointed to Romania.


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