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In the Eye of the Storm - Ambassador Prikk, Estonia

In the Eye of the Storm

The Council hosted Estonian Ambassador Kristjan Prikk for a timely Roundtable event concerning Russia's recent actions at Ukraine's border. Ambassador Prikk has served as Estonia's Ambassador to the United States since May 2021. He previously served as the Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Ministry of Defense where he was responsible for the coordination of activities of the agencies under the Ministry, including the Estonian Defense Forces, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence, and the Centre for Defense Investments. Prior to joining the Ministry of Defense, Ambassador Prikk worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on NATO issues mainly pertaining to its enlargement and its partnership with Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia. He holds a Master's degree from the Strategic Studies Program of the United States Army War College. Through discussing the positive and negative aspects of the crisis, he put perspective on how to move forward.

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