Europe Is Not Quiet: A Roundtable with Ambassador James Gilmore

Europe is Not Quiet: A Roundtable with Ambassador James Gilmore

The Council of American Ambassadors was delighted to host former Governor of Virginia and Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, James Gilmore, for this exclusive event.

The OSCE is the world’s largest and most comprehensive regional security organization. It is the major forum for taking action on issues of peace, security and human rights in Europe and Central Asia. While serving as Chief of Mission, Ambassador Gilmore addressed Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine, as well as human rights violations in Belarus and the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He discussed how he was able to use his extensive domestic political experience to tackle these critical international issues and the importance of U.S. participation in multilateral organizations like the OSCE.

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Ambassador Gilmore’s Remarks

On the Situation in Eastern Ukraine

U.S. Influence in the OSCE and Europe

The Usefulness of Domestic Political Experience in Diplomacy

Instability in Belarus

Problems between Turkey and Europe

Challenges to Unity in the EU

The OSCE and Security in the Baltic States

Russian Behavior in the OSCE