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Economic Sanctions Panel - Spring Conference 2022

The Council hosted several remarkable guests this spring to bring us a timely discussion around Mr. Putin's War. The recording of the event is available below.


Economic Sanctions Panel - Senator/Ambassador James Rosapepe, Dr. Anders Aslund, Lucian Pugliaresi, and Juan Zarate

The second panel centered around the economic impacts of sanctions in relation to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Moderator: Senator/Ambassador Jim Rosapepe served as the U.S. Ambassador to Romania and was elected to the Maryland State Senate in 2006, a position he still holds.

Panelists: Dr. Anders Aslund - was a resident senior fellow in the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council and is a member of the Georgetown University faculty. He is a leading specialist on economic policy in Russia, Ukraine, and East Europe.

Lucian Pugliaresi - is the President of the Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC). He has served in a wide range of government positions, including the National Security Council, Departments of State, Energy, and Interior, as well as the EPA.

Juan Zarate - is the Global Co-Managing Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of K2 Integrity and senior advisor at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Mr. Zarate served as the Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for combating terrorism from 2005-2009.


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