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Cohesion and Cooperation - The U.S. & South Africa: A Roundtable with Ambassador Lana Marks

Cohesion and Cooperation - The U.S. & South Africa

Ambassador Marks is a diplomat and business executive. Born in South Africa, she returned to the country to serve as Ambassador in 2019. During her service, Ambassador Marks transformed the U.S.-South Africa relationship and tackled issues related to international development, agriculture, and COVID-19. In this Roundtable, she discussed the many initiatives she developed while in-country and other ways in which she facilitated the U.S.-South Africa relationship.

Recording Index

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Ambassador Marks Remarks

Complexities in Country

Most Impactful Projects

China's Presence

Accomplishments as a Noncareer Ambassador

Recommendations for the Biden Administration

South Africa's Relationships on the Continent

Issues at Our Three Consulates

Ways the U.S. Can Help the Next Generation of South Africans

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