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Ambassador Crocker: Relieved US-Taliban talks have stopped for now

Ambassador Ryan Crocker says the U.S. does not have to 'rush for the exits' regarding Afghanistan. Watch the interview on Fox News.

"Clearly you’re not going to have a military victory to end this insurgency, I think that’s been established for years. It will have to be a political settlement. But the military can set the conditions. Talking to the Taliban without the Afghan government I think was a huge mistake…I’m now relieved to some degree that President [Trump] has put a stop to them. If we’re talking to the Taliban and the Afghan government isn’t involved, we’re delegitimizing the government that we have supported at such cost for years."


Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker served as U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon from 1990-1993; Kuwait from 1994-1997; Syria from 1998-2001; Iraq from 2007-2009; and Afghanistan from 2011-2012.


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