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Hopeful Signs for Religious Reform in the Arab World

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s visit to the United States has generated much press and excitement about the future monarch, a leader who appears to be committed to religious, socio-economic and political reforms.

New York Times writer Thomas Friedman commented, “MbS. is definitely bold … no one else in the ruling family would have put in place the profound social, religious and economic reforms that he’s dared to do — and all at once.” The U.S. press has expressed a lot of excitement about the potential changes that could occur in Saudi Arabia, the country that is the custodian of the two holiest mosques in Islam...

from The Hill


Ambassador Gabriel is a former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco and currently President of the American Task Force for Lebanon. He has an extensive background in international affairs, having convened multilateral policy forums involving national security, environmental, and trade and energy issues.

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