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Will Ron Johnson Learn to Love the Bomb or Start Worrying?

Today in Oslo the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its role in getting the U.N. General Assembly to propose for ratification a treaty to outlaw the use of nuclear weapons — a move approved in July by 122 nonnuclear nations.

Today in Washington a staff person at the White House is busy dotting i’s and crossing t’s to finish an update of the Nuclear Posture Review ordered by President Trump. It will endorse a new class of more “usable” weapons and, couched in benign language, a new rationale for a president to order a first strike.

Today in the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate there is a proposal to limit the president’s power to launch a first strike by requiring that he consult in advance with the secretaries of Defense and State and the attorney general, who would have to state that the first strike is legal. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is a member of the committee.

Today the president could alone launch Armageddon and announce it in a tweet...

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Ambassador Thomas A. Loftus

Ambassador Loftus served as U.S. Ambassador to Norway from 1993 to 1998. He is an international consultant specializing in Norway. He has also consulted foundations that assist Parliaments in developing democracies, and complete projects with the new Hungarian Parliament, the Parliament of Thailand, the National and Provincial Parliaments of Pakistan, the Parliament of Latvia, the Parliament of Turkey and the Parliament of Macedonia.

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