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Who is the Council of the American Ambassadors? 

The Council of American Ambassadors is the association of non-career United States ambassadors. A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, the Council comprises over 200 members whose ambassadorial service collectively extends over five decades and eleven U.S. Presidents. Learn more about the Council on it's website,



Can I submit my work to American Ambassadors Live?

American Ambassadors Review is the only portion of this site that considers submissions from outside authors, including scholars, government officials, foreign Chiefs of Mission, and those in the fields of foreign affairs and national security. If you would like to submit your article to the Review to be reviewed by our editorial board, send your submission to All other articles on this site are written by members of the Council of American Ambassadors only. If you are a current or former non-career U.S. ambassador and would like more information on becoming a member, email the Council's Executive Director, Kathleen, at



How can I request an interview with a Council member?

Our members are experts in foreign affairs and national security and are available for print, video, podcast and other types of media interviews. If you would like to contact a member of the Council of American Ambassadors for an interview or quote, please email the Council's Communications Manager, Cassia, at

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