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Ambassadors Roundtable - H.E. Emily Haber - Germany

“We are at a much better place than people would have predicted in either

February, March, or April.”

~ H.E. Emily Haber

Ambassador Haber spoke about her country’s response to the Russia/Ukraine war and its effects on Germany’s energy use at the September 28 Ambassadors Roundtable event. She said that in February 2022, Germany received 55% of its gas, 45% of its oil, and 50% of its coal from Russia. In September 2022, however, Germany reduced its dependance on Russian energy by reducing gas to 0%, oil to 23%, and coal to 0%.

Prior to Washington, DC, Ambassador Haber served in various leadership roles at the Foreign Office in Berlin. In 2009, she was appointed Political Director and, in 2011, State Secretary, the first woman to hold either post. Thereafter, she was deployed to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, serving as State Secretary in charge of homeland security and migration policy from 2014 until 2018.

Ambassador Haber has several years of experience with Russia and the former Soviet Union having served as Head of the Political Department at the German Embassy in Moscow. While at the Foreign Office in Berlin, she served as Head of the OSCE Division and as Deputy Director-General for the Western Balkans.


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