A Tremendous Partnership: A Roundtable with Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman

A Tremendous Partnership

Born in Bucharest, Ambassador Zuckerman emigrated to the United States with his family in 1966. He returned to Romania in 2019 to serve as Ambassador until January of this year. He is only the second U.S. Ambassador of Romanian heritage to serve in this role and the first to have native fluency in Romanian. In this Roundtable, Ambassador Zuckerman discussed how Romania has changed through the years, how the country has coped through the pandemic and the critical role that the U.S.-Romanian relationship plays in the region.

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What Has and Has Not Changed in Romania

Romania's COVID-19 Crisis

Military Partnerships in Eastern Europe

Romania, the EU and COVID-19

Vaccinations in Romania

On Aegis Ashore

China in Romania

Attitudes of Romanians Toward China

On Offshore Gas Deals

On Russian Presence in the Region

Romania and Ukraine

Takeaways from Tenure