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News from Norway: Russia and the Floating Nuclear Power Plant

When they learned of the Russian plan, 5 million Norwegians fell off their skis.

This June, two nuclear reactors on a barge — a floating nuclear power plant christened the “Akademik Lomonosov” — will be towed from the naval shipyard in St. Petersburg through the Baltic Sea and then north along the 1,600-mile coast of Norway. The barge will stop just over the Norwegian border with Russia in Murmansk, where its nuclear fuel will be loaded.

The original plan had the reactors being loaded with fuel in St. Petersburg. This was the shocker that had the descendants of the Vikings sputtering “Uff da” (untranslatable)...

from Madison.Com


Ambassador Loftus served as U.S. Ambassador to Norway from 1993 to 1998. He is an international consultant specializing in Norway. He has also consulted foundations that assist Parliaments in developing democracies, and complete projects with the new Hungarian Parliament, the Parliament of Thailand, the National and Provincial Parliaments of Pakistan, the Parliament of Latvia, the Parliament of Turkey and the Parliament of Macedonia.

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