American Global Leadership at a Crossroads

The role of American leadership in the world is under scrutiny at home and abroad from our economic competitiveness to our handling of the “Jasmine Revolution” and our response to current crises in Japan and most visibly in Libya. In these most recent crises, fault lines have emerged over whether the right kind of American leadership is the unfettered and visible exercise of power or a more subtle orchestration of collective action and shared responsibilities when called for. This debate likely foreshadows the major foreign policy themes of the next presidential election. What will matter most in shaping perceptions both at home and abroad are the ends and not the means. This question is no longer confined to the corridors of the foreign policy establishment but has spread in town halls, classrooms and companies. Even the president’s State of the Union Address called for greater math and science skills in our schools while noting gains in these areas in countries like China and India. from The Huffington Post


Ambassador Stuart W. Holliday served as the U.S. Ambassador for Special Political Affairs at the United Nations from 2003 to 2005.

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